With you…!

Seeing in your eyes

Inhaling your scent

Holding you tight

Will sort every fight

I want to ,

I try to,

Go away from you,

I know ,You want that too.

But why ,

Why can’t i …?

Stay away,

You say,

In this hot summer may,

I want you to stay

In my arms,

Days and night , keeping me warm

To be with you,

Holding you,

Under this sky blue.

Laugh with you,

Cry with you,

Die with you,

Even when i know,

I can’t be with you….!


Story of a criminal #like +love=live

was not a congenital liar or a sadist criminal 

neither was i an incorrigible case

it was never the fault of base 

but now notorious as i am 

i have no one to blame

only cursing the situation

which turned the table for the consummate realism

summum bonum should be for love

sadly ,  money is only thing which we crave

life showed the hell;

now let it understand me well

ignited the genesis of a bad name

chronos played and turned the game

 can’t face the truth ;but tell me what is its worth

so i paced towards unconscionable fame

science and conscious shakes their hand

kicked out the conscience from the blend

was not a nescient neither a prescient

was only a lonely boy craving for love

after living in hell ; can’t ring the Church bell’s

hell changed me from gregarious; now left with flagrant mess

infamous by craft ; but still egregious lonely boy at heart.


What i…..#like+love=live#

Here is what i….

Felt when you..

Embraced that guy….

My love which you kicked now turned cold blue….

Still, can’t forget…

What i felt….when you said….

That, something is missing and being with me is what you regret….

Missing you in my life…..

From my heart….

Flooded eyes with shattered dreams….

To have you in my life as my wife..

But you wanted that rich guy….

Who just said you goodbye…..

And now you are standing here…

Broken….crying…..wwhich i can’t bear…

Life plays its own irony…..

What you want is out of economy…

And what you left behind…..

Was always kind, without mind, and in love with you like a blind……

                                                 -sanii kyle


Why is that i feel lonely…..

What should i do so you quit taking me so casually…..

Why is that even fair….

That crashing my heart daily still you didn’t care…..

Is i am invisible to you…..

Or you can’t search me in the queue ….

I know she is pretty than me…..

But why can’t you be with me…..

You act cold and warm at the same moment…

Can’t understand what is your requirement…..

Is it body or heart…cause even if she can give you her hot body……you can’t own my pure heart……..

I love you….

And i will wait for you till thou…..
                                                    -sanii kyle

Life + emotions

Emotion – life you’re so fragile that you can die with a simple pin…..

Life – emotion you are so delicate that anyone can hurt you by words…..guesture and even sometimes without doing anything….

Emotion – yeah but thats a part of me ….like i am your’s

Lifebut still why we are so vulnerable that any one can hurt us….?

Emotion – don’t be sad that anyone can hurt us be happy that no one can live without us…..😊😊😊

Emotions and life are two most important thing which you can’t afford to lose …..Without emotions or feelings you can’t imagine your life ….and without life there is nothing……so value the emotions and life which you got……pamper it like a baby…..and challenge it like a warrior ……enjoy every phase…..cause you never know what happens the next…..

                                                       –sanii kyle

To be with you …#like+love=live#

Just wanna stand here and watch you smile

Savor your every movement for a while

Relishing the way your eyes glimmer

The way your lips curves up …..

Just want to taste the ecstasy of the bliss

Wanted to know what I missed

As you brown hair soft curls cascading over your shoulder

Don’t know why you are messing with that folder

Flown building on you face

Amused by how pathetic is my case

Even when you are angry or irritated

You are the only one for me who is destined

As your eyes grazed up…..

Feeling the electric shiver which jolted up

At the sight of me the way you nibbled on your bottom lip

Hiding that wicked grin behind

Missing the warmth of your presence

Which is my life’s essence

Opening my arms and embracing you

Enchanted to be with you……

Blessed to be with you…..

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Somewhere in the dark;

Somewhere in a park,

Feeling are obscure;

Can’t feel that I’m secure,

Can feel the purity in the air;

Cluster of melancholy feel, that’s what I can’t bear,

Seeing the sight of, young children playing football;

Sitting here idle at the abutment of the wall,

Tears are ready to spill through the eyes;

Staring at the star in the skies,

Cute little boy came to me;

Holding my smile’s key,

Lighting the obscurities;

Setting my heart at the pace with his purity

But the heart’s scattered pieces, are still  the mess

Sitting here….alone……..forlorn…

oh baby! i think that i’m falling in love with you#like+love=live#

Oh baby, I think that I’m falling in love with you……

Something about you that makes you cute….

Something about those eyes of you;

Makes me stare only at you….

Something about that smile of you;

Makes my heart skip beats a few…..

Something about that voice of you;

Makes me to listen it till the thou………

Oh baby, I think that I’m fallen for you

When you are angry with me, makes me want to please you…..

So that I can earn that smile from you…….

When you walk around with me….hands in hands near the sea…

Makes me want to stop the time here for ages few……

When you are standing in my arms….feeling the warmth of you…

Makes me stand here like this for life till thou.

Oh baby! I think that I love you…..

Baby! I know that I am fallen hard for you…….

babe I wanna spend whole life with you…..

Oh baby! I love you………I love you …….

        I love you………..

waiting for you #like+love=live#


Obscurity after the twilight

Comatose ambience surrounding me upright,

Intimidating blizzard disguised till thou,

Scared, anxious, petrified standing here just

      Waiting for you………

Enshrouding me the spiritless tree in queue

Crossing the way; still

waiting for you..

Sparkle of moon light killed the drabness

Following the path; eyes shine with sanguineness

Wanted to believe that this was an illusion

Amazed by this contour of fusion

Exquisite-silver-jewel like was the view

Taking step ahead a few; but still

            Waiting for you………..

Feeling the isolation ;wanted to feel exhilaration

Again darkness covered my soul

Deepening the wounds of my inner hole

Strange sensation raced through my vein

Turning around seeing the sight of a man

Butterflies of hope bubbled in my heart

Covering the distance, following the trait

Feeling of exhilaration, eyes shine with affection

Standing in front of me with swelled eyes;

Was you……..stepping ahead steps few

Embracing you……hugging you with my full passion

Accepted that it was not just infatuation

You are here; holding me near

Tensed about me; scared about me

Afraid of losing me; tightly embracing me

Standing here, loving only me…….